A 4-day, 3-night retreat of total bliss, within the paradisiac setting of the Spa Village Resort Tembok, with classes conducted by Fitness First & Celebrity Fitness yoga trainers, daily spa rituals, and the healthiest most delicious food prepared by top chefs; all to be experienced.

Find more than peace, on the Island of Peace.

16th – 19th September 2017 | Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali
Members RM2,840.80 per person | Non-members RM3,074 per person (includes 6% GST)
Notes: Excludes air ticket
Complimentary transfer applicable if participant depart & arrive at designated time.

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Dawn rises and an indigo curtain of stars is drawn back from the sky, exposing a dramatic landscape of soaring peaks that sweep down across grassy lowlands to the black volcanic sand that kisses the blue of the Bali Sea. You are in Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali, and the day has just begun.

There's something special about Bali. Almost everyone who comes to the island feels it. Set against a lush landscape of mystical peaks and the vivid blue sea, this peaceful spa resort is a unique Bali escape, tucked away on the tip of the island's northeastern coast. Yet there's a subtle vibrancy that runs through this part of Bali; a barely perceptible shift in time that takes one back to the true Bali. Discover Tembok, where epic stories lurk in its history and a raw natural beauty is evident in its simple landscape.

The gentle spirituality of the island and its rich culture infuses every encounter in this tranquil spa resort. Its philosophy of wellbeing extends beyond the traditional spa treatments available and encompasses every aspect of the resort from activities and lifestyle to architecture and cuisine

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  • Chris Wong

    Vira 1 Trainer

    "Flow Yoga 1:1 is an opportunity for you to achieve your goal at Fitness First. You'll get personal ATTENTION, SPECIFIC guidance and ultimately, RESULTS that you want"

    1. • 8 years and above experience in teaching Fitness First Flow Yoga
      • 200 hr module training
      • Min 6,000 teaching hours
      • Yoga Alliance registered member
      • Available at The Gardens Mall, Cheras Leisure Mall
      • Qualifications - Aerial Flow Yoga, Iyengar Prenatal Yoga, Theraphy Yoga, Forrest Yoga
      • Certified Body Balance Instructor since June 2015
      • Certified Personal Trainer (Elite) since Aug 2016 

  • Helen Wee

    Helen first stepped on the mat in 2008. She found inner peace in yoga and believed yoga would bring a turning point to her life. After four years of constant practice, she decided to become a yoga teacher. Her intention is to share and help others to find balance in their mind and body. Helen says “I love to guide and share with my students which make my teaching such a joy.”

    Helen started teaching yoga in 2012. She studied with yoga master Deepak Kumar. She also explored yin yoga with Victor Chng, prenatal yoga with Josephine Chan and studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai. Helen’s classes emphasise alignment, lightness and breathe awareness. She always encouraged her students to enjoy asanas (poses) they can do and challenge those that they cannot. Helen teaches basic, hatha, vinyasa, yin, kids, floating and bosu yoga in Celebrity Fitness Malaysia. She hopes to share her knowledge to her students to help them enjoy the benefits of yoga.

  • Jamie Chow

    Vira 1 Trainer

    "Do the best with what today has given you"

    1. • 9 years and above experience in teaching Fitness First Flow Yoga
      • 200 hr module training
      • 13,000 teaching hours
      • Yoga Alliance registered member
      • Available at Klang Bukit Tinggi, The Curve, The Gardens Mall, 1 Mont’ Kiara
      • Qualifications - Aerial Flow Yoga, Pilates, Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Tripsichore Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga
  • Nicholas Cheah

    1. Nicholas is known to be a humble and down-to-earth person. Ashtanga Vinyasa is one of the proponent styles in his practice, and he believes firmly that yoga is a skill in action. Hence, he has adopted this ancient art into modern settings namely in Olympic weightlifting, mix martial arts, gymnastics, dance, aquatics and various movement based activities. He brings a uniquely holistic, functional and practical perspective on yoga.

      With the encouragement of his late teacher, Vincent Tham, he further studied to become a qualified Physiotherapist to complement his yoga journey. Along with his teaching experience of over 12 years, he has also worked in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sg. Petani and Prince Court Medical Centre, KL as a full time Physiotherapist. He has vast real life practical knowledge and experience in treating and rehabilitating musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular conditions.

  • Sean Lee

    Vira 2 Trainer

    "Yoga is an art, laboratory and opportunity for your curiosity for you to know who you are"

    1. • 5 years and above experience in teaching Fitness First Flow Yoga
      • min 4,500 teaching hours
      • Yoga Alliance registered member
      • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider registered member
      • Qualifications - Aerial Flow Yoga, Tripsichore Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Prenatal Yoga

  • Steve Lee

    Vira 1 Trainer

    "Never limit yourself. Explore and experiment your body in different movements. I might be big and tall, yet I challenge and respect my body movement every now and then"

    1. • 9 years and above experience in teaching Fitness First Flow Yoga
      • 200 hr module training
      • Min 6,240 teaching hours
      • Yoga Alliance registered member
      • Available at Cheras Leisure Mall, 1 Mont’ Kiara
      • Qualifications - Aerial Flow Yoga, Apparatus Pilates, Anusara Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Forrest Yoga
  • Sakun .

    1. Sakun’s approach to yoga is that it can benefit all individuals. It can be an integrated part of their overall workout routine where it helps with flexibility, co-ordination and balance training or to improve their mind body connection. This is influenced by her own experience as a practitioner of both Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga.

      She is skilled at designing creative, logical sequences accompanied by music from the likes of Prem Joshua and Anoushka Shankar. She enjoys designing a flow class that unfolds naturally, allowing students to tap into their own sense of rhythm. To her a flow class is like moving meditation.

      With beginners, she take a slow step by step approach and repeats poses as often as necessary according to their individual abilities.

      She also motivates students to enjoy the present moment by leaving competition aside and focusing on what feels good. When appropriate she infuses humour into the practice without overstepping professional boundaries.

  • Thomas Yu

    Vira 1 Trainer

    "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at CHANGE. As your trainer, I'll be your best personal advisor"

    1. • 5.5 years and above experience in teaching Fitness First Flow Yoga
      • 200 hours module training 
      • Min 4,200 teaching hours
      • Yoga Alliance registered member
      • Available at The Gardens Mall, Avenue K, Cheras Leisure Mall
      •Qualifications - Aerial Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Pilates Level 1


Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness Members RM2,840.80 p/person | Non-members RM3,074 p/person (includes 6% GST)
16th – 19th September 2017, Limited to 42 spaces.

For further enquiries, please email

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What you need to know about your yoga retreat?

What level of yoga experience should I have? If this is my first time or if I am an expert can I still attend?

The yoga retreat is suitable for all levels of experience. Our experienced yoga teachers will create an experience that welcomes both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners

How often will we practice yoga?

We will practice 1-2 times daily. We encourage participants to take part in as many classes as they can, but please be reminded to listen to your body and take a break or visit an excursion if you wish to.

When should I arrive and depart?

The retreat begins at 5:00pm on Sept 16th, so we would suggest that participants arrive at the Ngurah Rai Denpasar, Bali airport before 12noon or earlier, as the journey from the airport to hotel will take approximately 3 hours. As for departure to KL, we suggest that participants schedule a flight for midday or later, just in case. Do refer to our suggested flight timings above.

How do I get to Spa Village Resort, Tembok from the airport?

We include complimentary airport transfer if you arrive at the airport between 10am- 3pm on Sept 16th. Send us your flight info by filling out this travel form so our team can pre-arrange the airport transfer. If you arrive outside of this arrival window, we can still help you arrange transportation /a taxi typically costs about RM45 per person each way. The cost will be borne by participant. First Yoga starts at 5:30 pm on Sept 16th.

How many people will be on the retreats?

There will be a group of 42 people joining the retreats (excluding event crews).

What type of meals will be provided in this package?

The hotel package comes with daily breakfast, lunch & dinner prepared by the Resort chef. Please let us know as soon upon sign up , if you have any special needs; food allergies or other allergies, or any other special needs (ie: dietary or medical)

Can I arrive early and stay late?

The ticket purchase decision is up to you, however please note that if you choose to arrive earlier or later than recommended day/time, you will be responsible for the cost of transportation to join the group. Otherwise you are free to explore the area, should you need to, or you may contact the hotel directly if you wish to extend your stay over and above this retreat.

Is my ticket refundable?

If cancellation takes place 30 days prior to your departure, 50% of the retreat package price will be refunded. If cancellation takes place less than 30 days prior to your departure date, 100% of the trip price will be forfeited.

When will I receive trip details?

As the date approaches you will receive trip reminders and specifics relevant to your retreat.

Is it possible for me to bring my children (aged below 12 years of age) along with me to share my room , using existing bedding?

It is not recommended to bring children along for this trip as the rooms are based on a twin sharing basis , and spaces are limited to participants.