Shake up your weekly routine
with a Pro Cycling class

Love traditional spin classes, but looking for something different? Pro Cycling is a Fitness First exclusive signature class and it is a completely unique indoor cycling experience. Build endurance, get stronger, faster, fitter and leaner.  It’s all about getting in top form for competition and winning your own personal race.  Train like a real cycling athlete using techniques inspired by Olympians. At Fitness First, we currently offer three variations of our Pro Cycling classes, each of which is 30 minutes high intensity for maximum results in minimum time: 

Pro Cycling Keirin 

Inspired by Keiren cycling, a track cycling event in which cyclists sprint for victory after a speed-controlled start, this class utilises long bursts of interval style training, followed by short recovery periods, and finishes on a high with a massive four lap cycle at full pace.

Pro Cycling Team Sprint 

A power and strength training session riding as a team, with high resistance pedaling for multiple sets of 15 second sprints requiring power, speed and endurance to build toward a big finish. Training at high intensity with short recovery periods is proven to be the best way to increaser fitness levels. 

Pro Cycling Individual Sprint 

Combines fast-pace sprint drills with speed levels that continue to increase throughout; class focuses around high intensity interval training techniques alternating high output work bouts with recoveries. Bring out your competitive streak; riders race as individuals and use explosive bursts of speed to thunder towards the finish line. Trains endurance, power and cardio fitness. 

Looking for more cycle-based fitness classes? 

Fitness First offers a range of spin-style classes at our gyms in Malaysia, including RPM™ and RPM™ Challenge. Build strength and power to enhance your cycling performance in Freestyle Group Training Power, and in BODYPUMP.

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