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Hot Yoga to improve
your flexibility and joint flexibility

Boost your metabolism, burn calories, and flush out toxins with this popular yoga variation. Taking place in a heated room set to a specific temperature, the heat loosens muscles and joints for increased flexibility, enabling greater freedom of movement.

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Hot Flow Yoga is an exciting variation on other types of traditional yoga. Practised in a heated room, warmer muscles are more pliable, allowing you to gently stretch and strengthen your muscles to a greater extent than in a regular yoga class.  The heat facilitates the elimination of toxins and also burns more energy.

Your heart rate will increase quickly, and you’ll be guaranteed to work up a sweat, which helps to detoxify the body. Our classes are taught by qualified and professional instructors who have undergone 200 hours of internationally accredited training. They will support you with expertise and outstanding coaching, to ensure your Yoga experience is as enjoyable, and as challenging as you want it to be. They will check and correct your postures if needed, and will always be available before and after class to answer any questions you may have.

The importance of yoga in
any fitness program

Whether you lift weights, love cardio, work out with a personal trainer, or participate in any other of our Group Fitness Classes, Flow Yoga is a great addition to your total workout regime.  It will help stretch and loosen the muscles which can become tight and sore from high intensity training, helps realign the spine, and reduce risk of injuries. Check the class timetable and find a class to suit your schedule.

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Fitness First Malaysia offers a range of Flow Yoga variations, including Advanced Flow Yoga and Dynamic Flow Yoga, for experienced yogis, Gentle Flow Yoga, for beginners, and Core Flow Yoga and Aerial Flow Yoga, which are ideal for all skill levels. 

Each of these classes is exclusive to Fitness First Asia, which is a Registered Yoga School, and is authorized by Yoga Alliance USA to run 200 hour teacher training modules with a Yoga certification that is recognized globally.