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Designed to build stamina and increase strength and endurance, this class is an intense yet seamless flow of energizing poses that works up to a challenging finish. Prior experience in Gentle Flow Yoga classes is recommended for new participants to Yoga. 

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About Dynamic Flow Yoga
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Dynamic Flow Yoga classes are intense and move at pace, taking you through a series of athletic postures performed in sequence and contributing to a final challenging peak posture which is the pinnacle of the class. The class is physically demanding, but fully optioned so less experienced Yoga students can practice in the same class as other more advanced students, and still be successful. Breathing is important for concentration and control, to enable the deep expression of postures and to manage the accumulating intensity of the sequence towards the final outcome. You will feel your body temperature and heart rate increasing, your muscle strength and your mental focus being challenged, while still finding a sense of calm and balance in the mind.

Yoga - the perfect addition
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Dynamic Flow Yoga classes will leave you feeling inspired, energised and refreshed. It is perfect to combine with other higher intensity classes throughout the week to improve different aspects of your fitness, including your flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. Check the Class Timetable to see which group fitness classes are on at your nearest Fitness First club.

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As well as Dynamic Flow Yoga, Fitness First also offers a number of other signature Flow Yoga variations including Gentle Flow Yoga, Hot Flow Yoga™ Advanced Flow Yoga, Core Flow Yoga and the exciting Aerial Flow Yoga using a suspended Yoga swing.

Are you keen to be a Yoga instructor? We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic candidates who would like to be Yoga teachers or fitness instructors.  Fitness First Asia is a registered Yoga School accredited with Yoga Alliance USA and regularly runs 200 hours Yoga teacher training modules and instructors workshop. Take a look at our Careers page for latest vacancies, and information on how to apply.