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Develop greatercore strength
and build overall stability inCore Flow Yoga

This class integrates the whole body in unified, connected movement, to fully engage and strengthen the deep foundation core muscles which support the spine, for the preservation of good posture, and enabling safe and effective execution ofeveryday life activities, including even the most strenuous of physical demands, which is important for safety, injury prevention, and improving our quality of life.

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The importance of
core strengthening exercises

An integral part of any good fitness regime should be a strong focus on the core muscles - and not just the abdominals either. The core is made up of all the muscles surrounding the mid-section of the body, including the obliques, abdominals, and lower back muscles, which enable freedom of movement from the hips and shoulders through to our limbs. Regularly training these supportive muscles with carefully structured exercises will help to maintain and improve posture, and provide vital support for your spine. This in turn helps increase overall stability, and helps to reduce the risk of injury when performing other demanding workouts which will bring you amazing benefits, including martial arts training like BODYCOMBAT®, Nak Muay. Other classes that will benefit your core include Fitball Core, HardCore and even weights-training classes like BODYPUMP®.

Core Flow Yoga classes
for beginner and advanced yogis

Core Flow Yoga is a great way to safely strengthen the core, while calming and relaxing the mind at the same time. Your experienced instructor will guide you through a series of stretching and strengthening exercises, which focus on targeting the deep core muscles and improving overall flexibility. It’s a great way to start or end your day - Check the Class Timetable to find a class near you. 

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