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Fitness Manager/ Health & Fitness Manager

role overview

To ensure clean, fully operational facilities are provided with safe, well-organised and attended studio classes. To strive for motivated members winning on their exercise programs with satisfied members participating in classes on a regular basis. To encourage members’ interaction with one another during all exercise sessions. To assist members on the use of the exercise equipment and to design personal programmes. To create an active and friendly atmosphere to members/guests. Strive to attain excellence in fitness management, innovation, creativity and professional service.

  • responsibilities
    • The Fitness Instructor must maintain constant communication with the Fitness Manager on all aspects of the fitness department and fitness event calendar planning. It is paramount to the success of the Fitness Department for the Instructor to maintain an open line of communication on any issues relating to the fitness program.

    • Regularly interface with the Fitness Manager on the weekly schedule.

    • Promote all fitness events and promotions within the club.

    • To achieve monthly Personal Training (PT) goals.

    • Teach FGT, Fitness Fix, Freestyle classes as set out by your manager.

    • Read and understand all club memos and newsletters.

    • Be on call to cover for any sickness or holiday for any fitness staff.

    • Contact new members prior to first programs to confirm appointment and introduce yourself.

    • Actively promote all fitness programs in the club. The goal is to establish regular usage from all members.

    • Maintain all equipment and make sure the gymnasium is hospital 'clean'.

    • Conduct updated programs for established members to measure improvement and set new goals.

    • To act as role models in practising the principles of hospitality and customer service excellence.

    • Use members' names as they come in contact with them. Politely introduce yourself when interacting with members you do not know.

    • To participate in monthly department meeting to facilitate keeping yourself well informed, to solve problems, and to set goals.

    • Ensure that you actively promote club membership sales, assist in different membership retention or sales drive projects whenever they arise.

    • Ensure that the club’s fitness programming is the best.

    • To at all times conduct the utmost professionalism to all members and in house staff.

    • To attend monthly fitness department meetings.

    • To assist the sales teams with club tours as necessary.

    • To welcome feedback from members and look for solutions.

    • Be available when called upon by your Fitness Manager to work additional or adjusted hours to meet the club's needs during abnormal periods.

    • To create a non-threatening atmosphere where all members can achieve their personal fitness goals, in addition to cleaning and maintaining the equipment and fitness facilities

    • Co-ordination of all personal programs and screening processes.

    • Supervision of gymnasium at all times, assisting with spotting and correcting technique

    • Monitor equipment maintenance and cleanliness.

    • To promote member educational programs.

    • Conduct club sweeps as designated by duty instructor.

    • Be fully conversant with all orientation procedures.

    • Provide members with Personal Training as required.

    • Endeavor to handle guests’ complaints. Depending on gravity, report to the immediate supervisor or to the Club General Manager.
  • experience/ qualifications
    • Must be qualified to basic internationally recognized qualifications or the equivalent.
  • Behaviour/ Attitudes
    • Must possess strong motivational, interpersonal and communication skills.

    • Willingness to work long hours.

    • Prepared to contend with inconsistent and excessive work demands.

    • Consistently achieving or surpassing daily work targets and goals.

    • Must be a self-starter and hold strong organisational skills.

    • Must be solution orientated.

    • Must have a high level of drive and desire to be a winner and achieve all set goals.

    • Ability to continue the line of communication.

    • Must have a high level of professionalism, honesty, and integrity and in excellent work ethic.

    • Have the ability to follow up and help implement all systems and procedures installed.

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